Our Services

  • Large Scale Barging

    • Dump trucks
    • Concrete trucks
    • Well drilling rigs
    • Septic pumping trucks
    • Logging trucks – for those log cabin builds
    • Crane trucks
    • Propane delivery
    • Moving trucks
    • Cabin furnishings
    • Firewood
    • Mulch, woodchips
    • Building supplies
    • Dumpsters
    • Demo

    Site Prep

    • Brush piles/disposing of brush
    • Excavating
  • Driveway Design

    • Driveway to a new cabin
    • Driveway repair
    • Culvert installation


    • Tear down and removal of old structures
    • Need a dumpster – we will haul it to your site


    • Land clearing for a cabin or driveway
    • Tree removal
    • Boulders for landscaping
    • Trail clearing


    • Class 5
    • Pit run
    • Beach sand
    • Screened rock
    • Rip wrap (3-4” cleaned, screened rock for erosion and landscaping)

Vermilion Barge & Gravel owns a gravel pit near Lake Vermilion and the equipment needed to provide your gravel, sand or rocks. This will save the customer money on hauling. We work with other contractors, this means other trucks can use our gravel pit and haul to your site and we can transport their trucks to your site on our barge.

If there are any services that you have questions about please feel free to inquire, we are open to ideas and suggestions on your projects.